Good to know

You are craving for yummy baked goods but want to live healthy, too? So do we. This is why we created organic, gluten- and lactose- and sugarfree baking mixes. Our range of vegan mixes is pretty extensive, too and we continue to develop new recipes for all ranges.


Premium-Cake Mixes

Yep, everybody can claim to sell „Premium“ mixes. We are more than happy to show you in detail why this is not just a claim, but a fact that we are proud of.

First and foremost, we are not using any artificial additives, no colourings (neither artificial or natural), no flavour enhancers or any other chemicals – only natural ingredients.

All of our cake mixes are made with pure organic cream of tartar as leavener, no phosphates are used.

High-quality ingredients make up a minimum of 45% of the content in all our mixes.

Except for our vegan range, all Backliebe mixes use lyophilized (freeze-dried) whole egg powder of the highest quality, recognisable as the light yellow layer in each bottle.

All mixes are easily and quickly prepared. No need to be an experienced baker – there is even no need to have ever baked a single cake before!

Our high quality glas containers are manufactured by Weck – a household name in Germany, known for over 100 years for their sturdy but stylish range of glasses for preserves and pickles. These containers can be used again and again in various ways.


✓  No separate packaging, no waste
✓  Organic ingredients
✓  Locally produced in Germany
✓  Long shelf-life

Easy Preparation

One bowl, one spoon and a baking dish is all you need to create any of our mixes. No more than 2 additional ingredients which you usually have at home, like milk and butter or oil, are required so there is no need to go shopping before you can enjoy some home baked cookies. The label on the back of the bottle will tell you in detail what you will need to do. Electrical appliances can stay in the cupboard as you will only have to stir all ingredients with your spoon. Perfection guaranteed!

Etikett Zubereitung

Lactosefree Mixes

The major part of our mixes is lactose-free and can of course be prepared with lactosefree milk, soy-, rice- or almond milk. Even our Strawberry-Buttermilk-Waffles should be no problem for most lactose intolerant bakers, as buttermilk has very low lactose levels.


Organic Mixes

Naturally, all of our organic mixes are made with certified organic products. The BIO certification is Germanys most recognised label for organic products and holds producers to very high levels. We also use many organic ingredients in our other ranges as well, working on increasing these and the organic range even further. Watch this space!


Glutenfree Mixes

We have paid extra-special attention and time to the formula of our glutenfree mixes. Having to live glutenfree is no easy feat in itself, so we wanted to make sure that creating delicious cakes, brownies, cookies and muffins does not make your life even more complicated. Our wide range, which will be continuously expanded, promises sweet variety for all tastes and cravings. Please be assured that our glutenfree range is produced in separate rooms, dedicated to solely to these products.


Vegan Mixes

Living vegan means no more cake, brownies, cookies & Co? Not when it comes to Backliebe! Our vegan mixes can easily compare to their non-vegan counterparts. When it comes to choosing the right ingredients, we pay very close attention to relevant PETA guidelines. Vegan and simply delicious made easy!